ISI has been producing hydraulic cylinders and three-point hitches since 1983.

ISI was founded in 1983 in Modena as a small production hub manufacturing three-point linkage parts for the agricultural world.

The business was moved to Campogalliano in 1989. In 1992, the range of items in production expanded thanks to hydraulic cylinders and three-point hydraulic links; greater value-added products that represented a more effective solution to face market competition.
With the move to San Martino in Rio in 1993, the production center area grew, and the concepts of group and synergy developed. R.I.Agri, the Indian company within the AMA group, was then assigned to produce parts for three-point mechanisms and low-added value components, while ISI focused on cylinder design. Catalogue production of standard features changed to specializing in custom products that included client involvement in the design, not only in the agricultural field, but also in the construction and material handling areas.
Through the 2004 acquisition of KRATOS, customers were offered a new service: the ability to place small batch orders. Through a 2005 merger ISI became part of AMA, seizing on the opportunity to make use of the Group’s structural resources, from the particular resource qualities to the technical and R&D offices.

Mission and Vision
The SISI Cylinders division, leveraging the reliability of its products, intends to help boost the value of off-highway vehicles manufactured by larger manufacturing companies, accompanying them from the planning phase to after-sale service.

Through study and research of technologically innovative solutions
By producing specific features in response to the European and US regulations regarding safety and usage
By guaranteeing products that remain reliable over time.

The Numbers
71 individuals involved in the production process
12 million Euros in sales in 2007
127,000 cylinders produced in 2007

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